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Influencer marketing platform updates

We have updated our influencer marketing platform with more awesome features.

Digital Media Europe 2020

10 – 11 November Vienna, Austria Mikz Alliance will attend at the Digital Media Europe 2020 (WAN-IFRA in Vienna, Austria. Learn more about how Mikz Alliance delivers a complete solution to manage your influencer marketing campaigns, cut cost and save time. And how buyers can discover influencers, make deals, track campaigns and manage payments. No …

We visited and talked at E-commerce Berlin Expo 2020

Influencer marketing trends 2020 Influencer marketing has grown stronger and stronger over the last few years, and despite some hiccups (fake followers, lack of transparency, low engagement rates), it shows no signs of slowing down in 2020. But as we all know, any given marketplace change over time. So what’s coming in 2020? We’ve listed …