Influencer marketing platform updates

Influencer marketing platform updates

We have been working really hard and happy to announce our latest updates to our platform. Influencer marketing is a fast-paced and forever changing business. Therefore we are constantly improving and adding features to help influencer marketing become more efficient. With our latest release, you will get even more in-depth statistics and insights for your influencer marketing campaigns. We are also introducing a brand new way to get the client’s approval for campaigns, drafts, and publications, all made simple with our sharing feature. Influencers can now also get a clear overview of their statistics for the work they have done and much more. We are always following the trends and listening to our customer’s wishes so make sure you stay tuned for more exciting updates. Contact us to learn more and get in touch with us.

Join as a brand
Create, search, and track campaigns.

Join as a agency
Set up a team and work with your clients using briefs and negotiation tools.

Join as an influencer
Search for public campaigns and earn more money.

Benefits of using our influencer marketing platform

You will be able to create briefs and invite influencers. Negotiate and manage your campaigns in a super-simple way from one single dashboard. Get access to a massive database of influencers and use simple but extensive search filters to make influencer discovery easy-breezy.

Analyze and share campaign performance in real-time. Communicate fast and smoothly using our own integrated chat function and notification center. Manage the payments from buyers to influencers in an easy and secure way.

Enjoy our free support services for beginners and professionals who interact with Mikz Alliance. And even better – brands and buyer agencies join for free and with no commissions or subscription fees.

Mikz Market is a complete solution for influencer marketing by Mikz Alliance. Our influencer marketing platform supports the whole campaign flow – discovery, activation, tracking, payments, and more.